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Encounter – the Audi Technology Magazine 1/2012

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In Mexico City, every inhabitant spends an average of 38 days per year in a traffic jam – that is more than the annual leave of most Europeans. Mexico City is a so-called mega-city, which means a city with more than five million inhabitants – far more. Around 20 million people live in Mexico’s capital, although nobody knows exactly how many. An increasing number of people worldwide are moving to cities like this – they are growing at breakneck speed. More people, more cars – for individuals, this means less and less space to live, less air to breath. The pressing problems of the world’s mega-cities are presenting city planners and architects with completely new challenges – and the same applies to auto makers. In order to understand these problems, you have to “see with the eyes of a city,” says Saskia Sassen, the renowned sociologist from Columbia University, New York.

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