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IN-Campus GmbH

IN-Campus Project: New Audi technology park on remediated site

Audi is building its future, and to do so, it is revitalizing an industrial wasteland. Not far from its main factory in Ingolstadt, the company is developing the IN-Campus, an innovative technology park, on the site of a former oil refinery. IN-Campus GmbH, a joint venture between AUDI AG and the city of Ingolstadt, is working with partners to employ ingenious methods of decontaminating land that is heavily polluted in places. This remediation project is one of the biggest of its kind in Germany and unprecedented as an environmental project in Bavaria. The clean-up has been under way for more than a year now, and is due to finish by the end of 2022.

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Head of Site Communications Department
Tel. +49 841 89-36340
Spokeswoman Ingolstadt Plant
Tel. +49 841 89-38230
“IN-Campus” refers to a technology park that Audi is going to be building at its Ingolstadt site
Bayernoil had the first exploratory drilling conducted back in the middle of the last decade
Once the last remnants of the Bayernoil facilities had been removed, remediation work began in fall 2017
Apart from groundwater treatment, the remediation work is due to finish by the end of 2022
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