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Corporate Responsibility

Audi in Ingolstadt

Living responsibility has been part of the Audi self-perception for some time now. For the brand with the four rings, corporate responsibility means taking account of the consequences every time a decision is made. Audi acts sustainably in order to be a good employer in the long term, to remain competitive, to delight its customers, to protect the environment and to ensure a future worth living for future generations. The Corporate Responsibility department brackets together all sustainability-related activities.

Recent Press Releases

  • 01/19/16

    Audi Foundation for the Environment awards prize for master’s dissertation on climate protection

    Audi’s Foundation for the Environment (Audi Stiftung für Umwelt GmbH) awarded its Sustainable Resource Management Award (SRM Award) on Monday evening for the fifth time. With this prize, the Foundation for the Environment each year recognizes the best dissertations of the degree program for sustainable resource management at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). This year, the prize goes to the Australian Samuel Gordon Munro for his master’s dissertation on carbon absorption in the semi arid Mongolian steppes. The winner receives prize money of 1,500 euros.
  • 09/16/15

    Audi CEO Stadler meets G7 ministers: “Artificial intelligence can save lives”

    A crucial breakthrough has been achieved at the International Motor Show (IAA) in establishing the legal framework of piloted driving and parking. Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt presented his national strategy for this key technology on Wednesday in Frankfurt. He also welcomed EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc and the transport ministers of the other G7 nations. Using the new Audi A4 and the concept car “Jack,” he presented the current state of driver assist systems to the visitors. The Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, Prof. Rupert Stadler, advocated “seizing this unique chance to save 900,000 lives per year, since more than 90% of all traffic accidents are caused by human error.”
  • 09/10/15
    Audi MediaCenter

    Emergency aid for refugees: AUDI AG providing € 1 million

    Audi is moving quickly to help: the carmaker is making € 1 million in emergency aid available for refugees. The company is using the funds to support aid initiatives at its production sites in Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm, Brussels and Győr.
  • 06/09/15

    Stadler demands systematic digitalization of urban infrastructure

    Audi CEO Rupert Stadler sees digitalization as an historic task for society. He emphasized this fact in a speech on Tuesday at the Economic Conference organized by the Economic Council of the CDU. He pointed out that multiple challenges still exist in the field of transport infrastructure so that digital mobility technologies can fulfill their potential.
  • 06/08/15

    Audi publishes new Corporate Responsibility Report

    The Audi Group has published its new Corporate Responsibility Report in which it reports transparently on its targets, activities and key figures in the five core areas of products, the environment, employees, society and finance. The new issue focuses on the future topics of alternative drive systems, digital connectivity and internationalization. In addition, three special online topics examine these megatrends with multimedia content and expert interviews.
  • 06/03/15

    Economists honor Rupert Stadler

    The Association of University Lecturers in Business Administration (VHB) has elected Rupert Stadler as the “Science Oriented Entrepreneur of the Year.” In his laudation, the Chairman of the Roland Berger Stiftung, Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker, emphasized that Prof. Stadler as CEO of AUDI AG stands for “sustainability in corporate management and a high awareness of values in moral terms as well as with regard to the quality of products.”
  • 11/25/14

    Audi Hungaria: energy efficiency through supply of geothermal heat

    The drilling has already begun: An ultramodern geothermal plant is to be constructed in Pér, close to the Audi Hungaria factory in Győr. After going into operation in just over a year, it will supply the company with at least 82,000 megawatt hours of geothermal energy per annum and will cover about 6 percent of total heat requirements.
  • 04/15/14

    Maximum transparency: Audi receives DEKRA certificate for carbon footprint

    The Audi Group has calculated its corporate carbon footprint and is the first premium automobile manufacturer to be certified according to the international standard ISO 14064. For this purpose, the Group made a detailed assessment of emissions in all automobile lifecycle phases. Experts of DEKRA Certification GmbH and DEKRA Certification Inc. reviewed and confirmed the basic data sources and calculations. With the corporate carbon footprint, Audi is making its company-wide greenhouse-gas emissions transparent along its entire value chain. This will enable the Group to analyze them even more systematically and to reduce them more effectively in the future.
  • 03/27/14

    Audi energy: Audi and LichtBlick offer green electricity

    As an accompaniment to the market launch of the A3 e-tron*, Audi is offering customers in Germany green electricity – Audi energy. The cooperating partner is the Hamburg energy provider LichtBlick SE. With Audi energy, the A3 e-tron is totally emission-free when operated electrically.
  • 01/27/14

    Audi agrees on strategic cooperation with the Technical University of Dresden

    Researching for “Vorsprung durch Technik”: AUDI AG and the Technical University of Dresden today entered into a strategic partnership with the goal of making further progress with technical innovations. Under the roof of the “Ingolstadt Institute of the Technical University of Dresden” (INI.TUD), the two partners will carry out joint research in areas such as lightweight construction and manufacturing technology. On the occasion of signing the agreement at the Audi plant in Ingolstadt, professors of TU Dresden presented their latest research work on the subject of mobility.
  • 01/21/14

    Audi launches strategic partnership with Global Bioenergies

    Audi is launching a strategic partnership with Global Bioenergies. The carmaker will work with the French biotechnology company to promote the development of non-fossil fuels. In addition to the Audi e-gas and e-diesel projects, the research into e-gasoline is part of Audi’s persistent efforts to find alternative fuels.
  • 05/16/13

    Audi publishes its first Corporate Responsibility Report

    At the Annual General Meeting of AUDI AG, the company presented its Corporate Responsibility Report 2012, in which it reports on targets and activities in the field of sustainability. Audi intends to take a leading role also in this respect. The company assumes responsibility in the five key areas of products, environment, employees, society and business operations.
  • 02/28/13

    Audi involved in standard for sustainable aluminum

    AUDI AG is joining the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative to help develop a global standard for sustainable aluminum. As a pioneer of unitary aluminum car bodies, the company is taking the opportunity to influence the entire value chain of one of its most important materials – one of the objectives of Audi’s corporate-responsibility strategy.
  • 10/18/12

    CAM Study: Audi offers best CO2 balance of premium carmakers in Germany

    According to a study by the Center of Automotive Management (CAM), among premium carmakers Audi is the brand that offers the best CO2 balance with CO2 emissions of 144.5 grams per kilometer (232.55 g/mile). The market researchers studied CO2 emissions of new car registrations in Germany.
  • 09/28/12

    Sustainable logistics in the automated small load carriers warehouse (AKL)

    From the A4 to the R8 super sports car, from low-volume manufacturing all the way to large-scale production – the Neckarsulm site is home to an enormous variety of product and production types. This complexity poses a challenge for logistics in particular. Every day, automobile suppliers from all over the world deliver a wide variety of parts for the different models. Smooth incoming goods procedures are organized by the employees in the automated small load carriers warehouse (AKL).
  • 09/28/12

    Dates and facts: Environmental protection in the paint shop

    New buildings aren't the only ones at the Audi site in Neckarsulm to be optimized with regard to environmental aspects. Older buildings are being renovated as well. The paint shop is just one example. Already in operation for 17 years, the paint shop is continually implementing both small- and large-scale measures to help conserve resources.

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