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Audi e-tron quattro concept

Intelligent networking is a key for the future of the automobile. Already a leader in this area, Audi continues to expand its lead – with the first car-to-x services from Audi connect, with new infotainment modules and the high-precision digital map from HERE for piloted driving. Audi customers will enjoy even more comfortable, safe and efficient mobility in the connected cars of tomorrow.

*The fuel consumption and emissions values of all models available on the German market and named in this text are listed in the last chapter of this document.

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The term Audi connect covers all applications and developments that connect an Audi with its driver, the internet, the infrastructure and other automobiles. Audi is putting the pedal to the metal in this field of technology, completely integrating the car of tomorrow into the digital world of the customer.
The term “Audi connect” refers to all applications and developments that connect Audi models to the driver, the internet, the infrastructure and other vehicles. A groundbreaking innovation in this field of technology is the new Audi connect SIM, which makes the use of connected functions even more convenient for the customer.
Audi repeatedly sets new standards with its control and display concepts. The latest highlights are the Audi virtual cockpit and the new MMI control concept – available in the Audi TT, R8, Q2, Q7, A3, A4 and A5 model series.
The brand with the four rings is hard at work on the Audi connect technologies of the future, which means even greater interconnectivity with other cars and the traffic infrastructure. Customers reap the benefits of greater safety and convenience.
Audi will add the first car-to-x services to its connect portfolio in 2016. The first applications are the services traffic sign information and hazard information.
Audi is making increasing use of high-tech simulation tools. One of these is the Audi Virtual Training Car, an Audi A4 equipped with a virtual reality headset for the driver.
Audi treats data protection as a high priority. Audi fully complies with the respective national laws governing personal data, data protection and privacy rights. The brand follows clear principles when handling the personal data of its customers.
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