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Brussels (Belgium)

Audi Brussels

Since the fall of 2018, Audi Brussels has been exclusively producing its first fully electric SUV for the world market. On September 3rd, 2018 line production of the Audi e-tron started. For the manufacturing process, Audi has developed numerous further competences within the company and even established a dedicated battery production.

Basic information

  • 03/14/19


    Audi has been producing the Audi A1 family exclusively in the European capital of Brussels since 2010. In 2017, around 95,284 automobiles rolled off the production line. Production of the first purely electric-drive SUV from Audi will start in the capital of Belgium this year. The plant now also has its own battery production. Production of the Audi A1* will be transferred from Belgium to Martorell, Spain, during the course of this year. The fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of all the models named above and available on the German market are listed in the last chapter of this basic information.

Press Releases

  • 04/03/19

    Volker Germann is new Managing Director of Audi Brussels

    Volker Germann is the new managing director at Audi Brussels. The plant in Belgium produces the Audi e-tron, the first all-electric SUV in the history of the Audi company. Germann succeeds in this position to Patrick Danau, who is retiring after more than 40 years of service for the Volkswagen Group. Within the executive board of Audi Brussels, Volker Germann will hold the positions of General Director for Production, Technology and Logistics and Spokesperson of the Management.
  • 03/29/19

    One cubic meter of plastic waste collected each month: cleanup in the port of Brussels

    Together with Audi Brussels and the Port of Brussels, the Audi Environmental Foundation and its project partner Recycled Island Foundation have installed a specially developed collecting basin in the harbor basin of Brussels. This plastic trap is designed so that waste floating in the water is flushed into a net, where retention devices prevent it from being washed out again and thus ensure that no plastic reaches the open sea via the canal. The port of Brussels is already the third site for the Recycled Island project, following Rotterdam and the Indonesian island of Ambon.
  • 02/12/19

    Royal visit to Audi Brussels

    His Majesty the King of Belgium today made an official visit to the Audi plant in Brussels. The reason for the visit is the King’s interest in the company’s dual vocational training system. In Belgium, Audi Brussels is regarded as a pioneer for practical specialist training in the corporate environment. In addition, King Philippe was informed about the first all-electric SUV in the history of Audi. The education ministers from Flanders, the French Community and the Brussels Capital Region – Hilde Crevits, Marie-Martine Schyns and Didier Gosuin – accompanied the head of state on his visit.
  • 01/29/19

    Audi promotes EEBUS Standard for Intelligent Connection of Electric Cars and Buildings

    Audi is actively involved in shaping the digital energy world of the future. The brand with the four rings is involved in the EEBUS initiative to promote networking across manufacturer and industry boundaries. The Audi e-tron (combined electric power consumption in kWh/100 km (62.1 mi)*: 26.2 - 22.6 (WLTP); 24.6 - 23.7 (NEFZ); CO2 emissions combined in g/km (g/mi): 0) is the first electric car whose charging system uses the new communication standard. At the “Plugfest E-Mobility” at the Audi plant in Brussels, developers are testing cross-industry compatibility before the EEBUS standard for energy communication is introduced in February.
  • 09/03/18

    Start of production of the Audi e-tron

    Audi starts into the future: This Monday, Audi Brussels begins mass production of the Audi e-tron. The brand’s first all-electric SUV has a range suitable for everyday use. With a charging capacity of up to 150 kW at quick-charging stations, it is ready for the next long-distance stage in about 30 minutes. Audi will present the unveiled electric car for the first time at its world premiere in San Francisco on September 17.
  • 03/12/18

    Audi Brussels receives certificate for CO2-neutral automobile production

    Audi Brussels has been awarded a "CO2-neutral site" certificate by the Belgian testing company Vinçotte. The site covers all production processes and all other emissions generated at the plant either by renewable energies (approximately 95 percent) or compensates for them with environmental projects (approximately 5 percent). Audi Brussels thus operates the world's first certified CO2-neutral high-volume production plant in the premium segment.
  • 01/26/18

    Erik Prieels is the new Director General for Human Resources at Audi Brussels

    There has been a change in management at AUDI BRUSSELS S.A./N.V.: Erik Prieels took over as Director General for Human Resources on January 1, 2018. The 52-year-old was previously Head of Human Resources at Audi Brussels. He succeeds Thomas Neuhaus, who is returning to Ingolstadt after two years as a member of the Audi Brussels management and is assuming a new management position there.

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