• Head of Corporate Protection/Real Estate
Dr. Carina Kögler

Carina Kögler was born in Karlsruhe in 1965.

After studying metallurgy and materials engineering at RWTH Aachen, she also earned her doctorate from the same university.

She then worked as a lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe. In 1996, she moved to Keramchemie, where she was head of the Process and Regeneration Technology department in Technical Development.

In 2000, Ms. Kögler switched to Daimler-Chrysler, where she was responsible for the constructive corrosion protection of various product lines.

Two years later, she started working for AUDI AG in the Aluminum and Lightweight Design Center of Technical Development at the Neckarsulm site. In 2005, Ms. Kögler became head of the production line section in the Finish area of the Audi A4/A6 body shop.

From 2011, she was responsible for planning the individual parts and assembly attachments for the sites in Neckarsulm, Bratislava/Slovakia, and Changchun and Foshan/China.

In 2016, she became Head of Audi Plant Service at the Neckarsulm site. At the beginning of 2019, she moved to the FAW-VW site in Qingdao/China to take over as plant manager.

Since March 1, 2021, Carina Kögler has been Head of Corporate Protection/Real Estate and is responsible for Group-wide environmental protection, corporate protection, and occupational safety. Her area of responsibility also includes the construction, operation, and maintenance of Audi real estate and coordinating the Audi sites worldwide.