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Since the beginning of 2011, Audi has been supporting the basketball department of the FC Bayern München via the Region South – an extension of the successful partnership with the soccer players that has been in existence since 2002. The team that won the 2013/2014 season holds its home games at the Audi Dome. With nearly 130,000 spectators in total and more than 6,000 per meeting FC Bayern is one of the most popular teams in the German Federal Basketball League.

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  • 09/16/13

    Basketball players of FC Bayern drive Audi

    A popular event in the hot phase of preparing for the new season: Players and officials of FC Bayern München picked up their new ‘company cars’ today. On the occasion of the event held at the Audi Gebrauchtwagen :plus center in Munich, the ‘Audi mobile court,’ which converts an Audi Q3 into a mobile basketball hoop and net, celebrated its premiere.

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