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Audi’s “25th Hour” project

“25th Hour” project: Audi is researching the use of time in the robot car

Today, on average, drivers spend about 50 minutes per day at the wheel. In the “25th Hour” project, Audi is investigating how self-driving cars will change our everyday life. In the future will we continue to spend almost an hour a day in the car? And how can time be used better in an autonomous car? For Audi’s strategists and designers, the answers to such questions are highly relevant. Because automobile concepts are being developed today – and have to blend with urban mobility systems in a smart and efficient way in the future.

  • 07/17/17
    Culture and Trends

    Audi is researching the use of time in the robot car

    What is a premium experience like in a self-driving car? Audi is researching this in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO. In the futuristic driving simulator, the experts on human-machine interaction investigated, for example, how the car interior can become a perfect workplace. The findings help the car maker to provide every user with a personally optimized automobile interior in the future. This research cooperation is part of the Audi project “25th Hour.”

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