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Audi TechTalk

Audi TechTalk

Audi TechTalk

The Audi TechTalk is an online format specifically for journalists. In the form of multimedia content, we’re presenting to you complex and innovative technology topics along with the opportunity to engage in direct exchange with our experts. We’ll be covering current topics at regular intervals. Relevant background information and video compilations of all Audi TechTalk issues can be found here.

Press Folders

  • 07/07/21

    Audi TechTalk Design

    A rapid technological shift is revolutionizing automobile design. Electromobility, digitization, and automated driving in particular ensure that the interior is the now the focus of the design process. Without the need to actually steer the vehicle, drivers gain new freedoms. The interior is transformed into a space for personal freedom. In the Audi TechTalk Design, we describe this paradigm shift and the new design possibilities resulting from it. We let experts report on the challenges of future design and explain how the three creative workshops in Ingolstadt, Beijing, and Malibu are using the latest methods to shape the automobile portfolio of tomorrow around the clock. All the relevant information and press materials can be found here.
  • 06/09/21

    Audi TechTalk Green Technology

    Innovative technologies are the key to a sustainable future. When conducting its development activities, Audi not only relies on its own expertise, but also on strategic collaborations. Our goal is to advance smart green solutions together with our development partners, suppliers, and employees. That is why Audi is a founding partner of the Greentech Festival, an event that offers thought leaders in the fields of climate change mitigation and sustainability a platform to present and discuss their ideas in depth. And that is why we are also committed to greentech at many other levels: from expanding the use of renewable energy for carbon-neutral mobility to processing and recycling mixed automotive plastic waste to monitoring sustainability standards in the supply chain using artificial intelligence. Projects carried out by the Audi Environmental Foundation focus on filters to protect bodies of water from microplastics caused by tire wear and on removing plastic waste from rivers. The Audi think tank came up with the idea of an app that allows users to calculate and reduce their own transport-related carbon footprint. The “Audi TechTalk: Green Technology” will provide a detailed look at individual Audi projects focused on green technology. All the relevant information and press materials can be found here.
  • 05/19/21

    Audi TechTalk Sound & Acoustics

    For Audi, the sound of the audio system and the acoustic properties of a car are central quality attributes. What began with a radio and a speaker has developed into immersive 3D sound for a holistic sound experience. Customers today expect an environment in the car that simultaneously relaxes, inspires, and fosters concentration on driving – without disruptive background noises and with signal, warning, and informational sounds that are harmonically attuned to each other. The “TechTalk: Sound & Acoustics” outlines the philosophy and methods behind sound development at Audi. We explain what constitutes the distinctive Audi sound and how Audi integrates the future possibilities of implementing acoustics in each specific model. You can find all information and press materials here.


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