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Annual Media Conference 2022

At Audi, economic success is inextricably linked to our commitment to social and ecological responsibility. The newly published Audi Report 2021 therefore combines reporting on key financial figures with information on our sustainable management practices.
Even in the challenging 2021 business year, Audi proves its resilience in addition to its strategic and technological strength. At the same time, Audi systematically advances its transformation – with huge increases in sales of battery-electric cars.
As part of its 2022 Annual Media Conference, Audi is presenting the next model in its future electrically powered A6 Luxury Class: The production-oriented A6 Avant e-tron concept car illustrates the synthesis of pioneering drive technology and Audi’s traditional design world: the Avant.
Leveraging synergies, accelerating decisions, and strengthening the brands’ individuality: Audi, Bentley, Ducati, and Lamborghini will now work more closely together in the Premium Brand Group. They will profit from an exchange of key technologies on their path toward electromobility.
Companies are increasingly being measured by the ESG criteria for environmental sustainability (environment), social responsibility (social) and good management (governance). Chief Financial Officer Jürgen Rittersberger is responsible for the ESG strategy at AUDI AG. In this interview he explains why Audi is implementing ESG criteria not only for valuation on the capital market, but also as a matter of conviction, how the company creates transparency, and why economic success and sustainable action are mutually interdependent.
Audi is systematically electrifying its range of models in China as well. With construction starting on its new plant for fully electric Audi models in Changchun, the premium manufacturer is setting the next milestone in cooperation with the Audi FAW NEV Company Ltd. Starting at the end of 2024, the plant will produce more than 150,000 electric cars annually based on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) – carbon neutral and fully connected.
Driving around in the back seat of an Audi and discovering virtual worlds at the same time: Start-up holoride’s virtual reality technology has the potential to revolutionize in-car entertainment. The reason: The technology lets virtual content in movies or games adapt to the driving movements of the car in real time. Audi and holoride will launch the technology in series production soon.
The number of electric cars on our streets is growing rapidly – and with it the demands on charging infrastructure. With its e-tron Charging Service, Audi is giving its customers access to more than 320,000 charging points across Europe. In opening the Audi charging hub at the end of 2021, Audi brought a unique charging concept to the world stage – and is now expanding its successful pilot project.
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